Issos is a South American metal band from São João de Meriti, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. The band was formed in 2013. The meaning of the name Issos is the representation of the phonetic spelling of an ancient Greek word "ἴσος" which refers to the words equal,  identical or equivalent. This contrasts with the current situation of our society in the context of global socioeconomic, disequilibrium and other global conditions.


The band uses the differentiated feelings of each musician and all our their diversified influences. This complements our musical originality as well as the elements of the band. We address social themes such as the question of diversified psyches of human beings that create different desires amid the cultural diversity of societies. Thus, people creates different ways of living and naturally causing annoyance to the confrontation of human relations.


Issos sings about diverse subjects such as the personal conflicts of the human relation, the dehumanization, social critics, and the obliteration of the contemporary society. In this way, human nature creates ephemeral illusions of reality in our history and some of these topics  we have in our lyrics.


The band’s first record was made in 2014 with the demo song "Here We Go". It was recorded at the studio Casarão Multimidia, in the city of Teresópolis under the production of Vinicius Fernandes. In the last few years the band has gone through various members until the current formation. In July 2017, we released the first EP "The leader of Us" as well as the music video which was self-titled. The clip was produced by the band and O Salto Produção.


Nowadays the band is in constant musical evolution, without barriers to creation, thus expanding our creative influences in the new compositions, without being attached or indebted to labels. The more technical side of the band is also constantly being amplified, without leaving aside the naturalness always present in the compositions.




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